Level 1 – finally!


Epcop Mooc Level 1

I’ve achieved my Level 1 badge from the Epcop Mooc.  This first Level set the question:

 ‘What are e-portfolios, and what impact will they have on you?’

This question had me flummoxed for a while, particularly when trying to  get my head around the differences (if any) between blogs and eportfolios.  After working through the extensive range of resources provided,  I discovered that the general consensus is that  eportfolios can be all things to all men (and women)!

One of the resources I particularly liked was this case study example (text and video) showing eportfolios being used as a tool for professional development.   However,  whilst they define an eportfolio as being, a place to collect evidence of learning“,  I found that I was struggling to find just the right  Web tool to use.

I then found this visual image which Coach Carole posted to the Mooc which suggests using different storage areas, and I found it useful to set out the structure for my e-portfolio

So, my e-portfolio now consists of:

  • a Mahara portfolio page where I have collated learning resources which I have found useful
  • a googlesites page which records evidence of  my learning, and achievements
  • and this blog where I can reflect on my learning.
On now to Level 2.   I may be some time………….



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