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a final sprint for the gold

Image from Gordon Lockhart’s blog ‘Connection not connect’ http://gbl55.wordpress.com/

The Epcop Mooc has been an incredible experience which at times has been overwhelming but always inspirational.

I had to pick bits out of the various challenge levels to be able to work out the What? Why? Where?  and How’s of eportfolios, so I seemed to be stuck at Level 1 for ages. However, I’ve finally got the hang of it and realised that the whole idea of a Mooc is to approach in a holistic way.

I have explained how I’ve structured my e-portfolio collection in another post.

Personally, the best thing I’ve got from this Mooc is finding out that there are others on the same journey- and that’s a good feeling. I haven’t contributed much in the forums or webinars mainly because of time, but it seems like others have had similar problems. But although I only managed to participate in one webinar (about using WordPress),  that in itself was a Eureka moment.

The experience will also inspire my teaching. Last week I introduced a reflective activity (on Moodle)  to a group of 14-16yr olds who are coming to the college as part of a programme to introduce vocational subjects into the curriculum.  They loved it!!  These learners are unlikely to achieve A-C grades in English and maths because, for some reason, they can’t analyse a poem in the English language, or get to grips with algebra.  Sir Ken Robinson has got something to say about that here:

I know that these young learners, in particular, will enjoy being able to celebrate their work.  However, I haven’t found any of the systems (WordPress, Mahara or Googlesites [needs updating]) particularly easy to learn myself.   I think googlesites is possibly the simplest, and will  look at setting that up for these learners. It needs to be bombproof before I introduce it to them.

I also dazzled another group with my Spicynodes presentation of the accounting system.  I was very excited about creating this and may have been a bit too ‘Wow!-ey.  The learners certainly looked stunned.  I will perhaps approach it differently next time, by asking the learners to produce their own.

Another great tool I’ve finally got round to using is Audacity.  I will be trying this with a group of students as our entry to the college’s Diversity competition.  I will upload their photos and the clips of the music they choose which best represents them into a Windows Movie file. This is me – you’ll have to wait for the photo….

PRESS PLAY  http://mahara.org/artefact/file/download.php?file=162318&view=46030

That didn’t work? This is the legend singing it about this legend, and I was at this concert. Now that’s class!

So, So What? Now What?

Well, its been an incredible experience.  I came into it with a vague interest in e-portfolios and now that I have a structure and have got used to making posts I feel ready and able to reflect on my own learning, and my teaching {another tool- ohlife}.   As a starting point.I want to import previous and current evidence into my e-portfolio.  That will take me some time – not because I’m clever, its just been a long life!

and Then What?

It feels like the beginning of a journey rather than the end.  I am just about to have a go at another MOOC, the change.mooc.ca which is facilitated by Dave CormierGeorge Siemens and Stephen Downes , and I’m starting an MSc in Multimedia and elearning next week.  I’m going to be a very busy girl. So, I’m now going to claim all my badges!!

Thanks to all my fellow Moocers for their support.


5 thoughts on “a final sprint for the gold

  1. Debs use of interactive technology in the classroom is an inspiration to us all. Some of us have benefitted from Smartboard training that Debs has provided; look forward to finding out other ways of getting the message over to students.

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