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Here we go again..

I must be a glutton for punishment.  Having just  finished my first open online course, the eportfolios mooc, Epcop, I’m now about to embark on another, Change: Education, Learning, and Technology!

One of the difficulties I found in the Epcop mooc was  exploring it my own way, as is intended in this kind of course, yet feeling pressured as the weeks marched on, and I saw other people seemingly steaming ahead of me.

I will need to keep in mind the following advice from the facilitors: George Siemens, Stephen Downes, and Dave Cormier

You are NOT expected to read and watch everything. Even we, the facilitators, cannot do that. Instead, what you should do is PICK AND CHOOSE content that looks interesting to you and is appropriate for you. If it looks too complicated, don’t read it. If it looks boring, move on to the next item.

I’m just scared about missing anything!



2 thoughts on “Here we go again..

  1. Thanks for dropping by, and leaving a comment (for whatever random reason!)

    I haven’t engaged with the ChangeMooc partly because of work commitments, but also because I think its a bit too ‘open’ for me.

    I preferred the structure of the Epcop Mooc which was facilitated by some of your fellow Australians (VET practitioners). It might be worth you having a good look round that site, particular the forums which should give you an idea of the participation in the Mooc:

    When I get a minute, I am thinking about doing a blog post about the different experiences of these two Moocs.

    From one to another, Debs


  2. Hi Deb
    Came visiting for a read so figured I had better leave a comment so you know I stopped by!
    I came via the ChangeMOOC site and I’m trawling for inspiration about what involvement in the MOOC means and what participation looks like. I’ve visited quite a few blogs in the last hour but yours is the first one that made me feel a need to respond and connect… interesting… and I can’t tell you exactly why except for the obvious – my parents named me Deborah too!
    I’m a Mathematics and IT teacher in Sydney, Australia… with many decades of experience… and the change cyclone has caught me too! Just trying to figure it all out – the MOOC seems like a good way forward!
    I haven’t decided what format my MOOC response will be yet… so I might just drop by again for another dose of inspiration!
    Regards, Deb

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