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I’ve just received my second task for the MSc Multimedia and elearning course I am about to start. It is to “Post a picture of yourself or a video to your blog”

I’ve tried to take a picture with my webcam, but they never seem to come out right. Its the same in those photo booths – no matter how often I respond affirmatively to the “do you want to try ‘yet’ again” comment. I cannot get a successful photo. It must be the light.

So I’ve decided to share a couple of videos. The first one is made using a great tool called Go!Animate

I think it has great potential as a formative assessment tool. Trialling it in a class, I asked some students to create animations for payroll homework. They had to create a scene where one character explained the meaning of ‘K’ codes to another. Some great work done on a very dry topic.

This second video is a skit on using new technologies – very topical as we embark on our new learning journey. There is an English version, but for some reason I prefer this.



6 thoughts on “Videos and animations

  1. I actually meant the Norwegian monk clip. I’m excited by the potential of GoAnimate but need to investigate whether our college has a subscription – I couldn’t get the free version to publish.

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