A worrying trait

In the first unit of my MSc in Multimedia and e-learning we were asked to create a blog and then complete a series of tasks. I started well but didn’t finish all the tasks, and I think I’ve found the reason.   According to a Belbin Team roles questionnaire I recently completed, my main characteristics are:


Resource Investigators are innovative and curious”

I really enjoyed setting this blog up and spent a lot of time looking through various themes and trying out all the widgets and options before I was happy with it.


“Implementers are the people who get things done”

and I will spend hours working through problems until I find a workable solution.

So, that’s all good stuff.  One problem though –  a very important piece is missing…….  

                                      COMPLETE FINISHER

“Completer-Finishers are the people who see that projects are completed thoroughly”

Once I’d set up the blog, found out how everything worked, and put in a few posts my interest rapidly waned. This is quite interesting  as I realise now that this has been a process in various stages of my life, with projects swiftly abandoned, once I’ve mastered the initial problem.

A classic example:   I used to be big into walking – climbed all the English & Welsh mountains; several Munroes and some in Africa, NZ and Europe .  I invested a lot of time and effort in achieving the Mountain Leadership Award.  But since I got that I have’t been up another mountain..

Maybe I’ll investigate ……


3 thoughts on “A worrying trait

  1. I think Belbin’s questionnaire can give some really good insights to individuals and work groups. I’ve done it on three or four occasions over the last ten years and I always get the same top four and the same bottom four, though within that the order varies. Top four for me: implementer + resource investigator + shaper + completer finisher. Plant’s usually fifth with co-ordinator, monitor evaluator and team worker lurking embarrassingly in bottom places. Though as I’ve still work to do for Monday too perhaps my profile would be different if I did it again right now…

  2. I haven’t done Belbin but I did do a Mysers Briggs course. The results were unsurprising to me – I’m a ‘big ideas’ person – good at coming up with ideas, good at motivating others – like you, not so good on the nitty-gritty (although I can be if I set myself mini-goals within the overal outcome). That probably explains why I still have work to complete before next Monday as well!

    1. I agree with having mini-goals. The worse thing Liz could have said to me was that my first 3 mini-projects were fine and I didn’t have to send any more drafts.

      Its been a busy week!

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