Vodcasts: what are they good for?


 Vodcasts: What are they good for?

This project was for the second module of my MSc in Multimedia and Elearning: Introduction to Action Research.  It was a difficult module to get started on. In fact, I spent every weekend of the first two months intending to start work but just ending up with a very tidy house and garden!   There were two main problems…..

Firstly, at the first two day schools there was a lot of emphasis on philosophy and  I didn’t really understand why.   I then forced myself to read, and make copious notes, from Carr and Kemmis’s (1986): Becoming Critical and things slowly started to make more sense.  I’m still a bit vague on modernism, post-modernism, feminist philosophy, etc.  However, I found that when I went back to read some of the articles which had me flummoxed at the beginning, they now started to make a bit of sense, so I have promised myself to do some further reading and create some kind of aide-memoire which I can add to as I gain more knowledge.

The second problem was that, although I had an idea for the research project – using vodcasts as a teaching strategy,  I didn’t really have a ‘hook’.  Then, one evening, I happened to take a look to see what was happening in the Change11 Mooc and found that it was the Diana Laurillard week and that she had recently published a book: Teaching as a Design Science: Building Pedagogical Patterns for Learning and Technology – it was just what I was looking for.  I have long been concerned that some technologies are introduced into education without sufficient thought to pedagogy, so the idea of creating a pedagogical pattern really interested me.   I feel that being able to ‘prove’ the educational benefit of the vodcasts, together with the results from the research itself, really strengthens the argument for the conclusions I have reached in the report.

See what you think – here it is…..  Vodcasts: What are they good for?


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