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Coping with information overload v3

January 20, 2013

Inspired by Jeannine St Amand‘s post on Google+ about coping  with information overload  I have created a mindmap based on Harold Jarche’s model: ‘Seek, Make Sense, Share’: see video here which maps how I (intend to) collect and curate articles that interest me.

This mindmap itself is  created using Gliffy, and is based on Allan Johnson’s Twitter Workflow for Academics

Producing this mindmap has proved useful.   Apart from anything else, I have discovered the Buffer and Pocket tools, and resurrected my account.  However, I have also realised that, although I’ve been doing a lot of ‘seeking’ and ‘sharing’, I have not been doing an awful lot of  ‘sense making’, which  is arguably the most valuable step in any learning process.

The  ‘sense making’ bit should come about by reflection via blog posts.  So my objective this week will be to seek, share and make sense of the content by posting a blog post at the end of the week.

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  2. Wow that is a work of art ;). I always like to see how others deal with seeking and sharing. You have hit the nail on the head though that making sense of all of this is the point (or rather the next step in all this) It is becoming quite apparent to me that if curating or synthesizing the firehouse that is the Internet is a necessary yet not immediately easy process then this even more crucial to teach to our students.

    • Thanks Jodie! I agree, I think that, as teachers, we need to at least try to get a handle on it ourselves.

  3. I love the mind map — it crystallizes some of my fuzzy thinking. I think part of what #etmooc is for everybody is finding new tools and figuring out what works for us in terms of navigating the ocean of social media in a meaningful way. This is very helpful for me. Thanks!

  4. Anonymous permalink

    Hi Deb, you’ve done some definite sense-making in the visual you’ve put together. There is an ‘integration’ process involved and when we skip the step, i think we miss the feeling of wholeness we are craving. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks Maureen. I think I’m getting there. I just need to do more critical thinking around what I share. So, if this structure works (and it’s going to take a bit of practice) I will build in more narration into the links, and try to pull it together with more blog posts. I’ve gotten too used to writing in 140 characters or less!

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