With a little bit of help from my friends

Last week I posted a curation workflow diagram which received a lot of positive comments from people inside the #etmooc community and outside:

gliffy linkedin

I was amazed and delighted by this response, and I think it is a good example of the power of connected learning. I often spend time messing around with apps – a brief sojourn around this blog will testify to that, but that is often as far as it goes. However, the very positive affirmation of the diagram from the #etmooc community has caused me to actually try to put it into action, and I am pleased to say that, give or take a bit of tweaking, it works!

Testing it out  during a Mooc session is probably not the best time as there is so much good information flowing through that it is difficult to keep to the two minute rule. However, I have now set up bookmarks on my PC (at work and at home) and my iPad (http://iosbookmarklets.com/) which makes it much easier to direct links to the right place.

I am still in two minds about Scoop.it.  I like the fact that when a link is sent to Scoop.it you can opt to send it to Twitter, Linkedin or Buffer at the same time, but it is not always easy to find posts again on Scoop.it itself, especially when a topic is very active.

I’m also not sure about Buffer.  This app allows you to schedule posts for the optimum time (ie when people are online).  However, whenever is the best time in a global community?! At least, it allows me to spread my posts out during the day.

Pocket is really useful for keeping to the two minute rule.  I have been filing blog posts I find interesting in there and tagging them with ‘Reply’.  I can then go back and give a more considered reply rather than just commenting for the sake of it.

I am also taking much more care to tag everything properly. So,  so far so good, and I’m about to slap a Creative Commons license on my little diagram.   Thank you peeps!!


2 thoughts on “With a little bit of help from my friends

  1. Twitter is a tough place to share your great ideas with the global community. When do you post? Do you repost? How often do you repost? I wonder if blogs become a better place because the information doesn’t disappear. But directing your global PLN to your site o a regular basis is also a challenge.

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