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Take 1 of digital story Project #1

February 10, 2013

This week in #etmooc we are looking at digital storytelling and I have had a couple of ideas to explore some of the new tools we have been shown

This project started out with a photograph of a living statue street performer which my granddaughter took while we were in Manchester on Saturday.

briefcase man

I thought he was so real/unreal we could use him for a story.

We used GIMP to cut him out  (you will never know the steepness of the learning curve to get that far), and put him in different settings.

As the story stands at the moment, it could end up quite cliched, and so I now need your help in continuing his story, the wackier the better.   With a bit of encouragement it could even get quite animated, although I’ve yet to work out exactly how to do that.

Also I’ve used Slideshare but I was looking for more of a comic strip layout, so if you have can point me in the right direction, I would be grateful.

Please put your suggestions in the comments below.  I’m looking forward to seeing your ideas!!

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  1. Hi Deb,

    As he’s in Manchester I’d like to see a comedy scene of him in the middle of a manchester United match.

    I’ve just started to use the comic book software Pixton but there’s also Bit Strips which I’ve seen a few etmoocers use.


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