Here we go again, again

I am writing a blog post.  That must be because I need to sort out the jumble of thoughts and ideas that are going through my mind.  And if my brain is ‘too full’ it must be because I am participating in a mooc.  Love ’em or hate them, they certainly get the old brain matter swirling about. You can find out what got me going off on one in previous moocs by reading my posts from the #etmooc and #epcop menus above.  I have also joined a couple of others along the way where I fell by the wayside, including the challenging #change11 😓

This time its Blended Learning Essentials: Getting Started hosted on the futurelearn platform and led by Diana Laurillard and Neil Morris.   This mooc is specifically designed for the VET sector, although as with any mooc it is free and open to anybody to join.  It is the first part of a 2 part series; the second one starting in January is Blended Learning: Embedding Practice

My reasons for participating in this mooc are twofold.

Firstly, I am part of a group designing a pilot blended learning unit for our faculty and I hope that this course will demonstrate best practice design examples.  I also believe that to be able to design an effective blended learning course, unit or activity,  it is essential to have personal experience of the upsides and down to understand the problems that users may face.

Secondly, from my previous experience of moocs I know that I will be connecting with educators around the world who share the same hopes, fears and expectations of blended learning as myself. Without doubt, there will be lots to learn and much to inspire.

Coming up: my reflections on the first week.


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