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Blended learning – theory and practice

The second week of #flble1 continues apace.  It is clear now that the definition of blended learning used in this course includes “demonstrating the value of the mix of digital and conventional methods in class” as opposed to the definition used here by JISC of “integrating online with traditional face-to-face class activities in a planned, pedagogically valuable manner“.  and implemented by scheduled online learning and assessment (SOLA)

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Notwithstanding these differences, Week 2 has again been very informative with demonstrations of tools and applications that can be used for teaching, learning and assessment.  I am in the process of developing a Blended Learning Toolkit for my faculty and I will be evaluating these and other tools for their pedagogic value.

As suggested in this comprehensive review of pedagogic approaches for using technology for learning previous investments in technologies such as, VLEs and interactive whiteboards, may not have been as successful as they could be because of the lack of pedagogic knowledge in their use by teachers p27).   Access to technology is not enough – before teachers invest time and effort in learning to use a technology they need to know how and why this will affect their learners.

The literature review above was given in a link  in Activity 1 of Week 2 and reading it has taken over much of my learning this week (and many more) – that’s moocs for you – and I therefore haven’t contributed to the online discussions as much as I would like. I have also whizzed through (but got the gist) of the other activities given this week.  Onwards and upwards – Week 3 is all about systems, tools and resources for blended learning.  Its going to be a busy one.


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