Why I work in FE

I have neglected this blog over the last 12 months or so, a combination of recovering from illness and disillusionment with my career as a teacher in the FE sector of the UK educational system.  It’s been a tough couple of years, both personally and professionally – anybody employed in FE will understand the impact of working under the pressures of funding cuts, institutional mergers and Quality improvements, etcetera, etcetera.

However, despite all this, this year promises to be one of the most fulfilling of my teaching career.  The year has started really well – I have re-thought how I teach my subject and the students, co-teachers and myself are really enjoying the lessons (a difficult ask for a subject like accountancy!).  I will share some of these ideas in a later post.

After such a positive start to the year, it was capped off last week by this email arriving in my inbox on Friday afternoon.  I have had a couple of emails and thanks from students before – I’m sure many of you have too, however this one really touched a nerve with me.


Lovely comments aren’t they?  Yet, under FE rules, this student was counted as a ‘Fail’ – she didn’t complete the Level 4 course within the academic year, partly due to family and financial constraints – and came back in a subsequent year to resit this final exam.  In my book though,  her outcome is an absolute resounding success and epitomises the many unsung success stories of FE;  stories which are the main reason why I and many others continue to work in our beleaguered sector.

(I have recently joined up to another mooc, the #IMMOOC and will be posting that journey here, along with my teaching experiences this year.)

It feels good to be back!


2 thoughts on “Why I work in FE

  1. Thanks for these comments, Sam. I know I come across as a bit of crazy woman at the moment – it will all calm down soon, I hope. I could easily pass your comments back to you though and, unfortunately, I have also caught your stationery bug again. Thanks!

  2. Love seeing you at the top of your game. Your enthusiasm is addictive and I love all the new things you’re coming up with. Very inspiring woman to work with!

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