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SMART TargetsAt this time of year students are usually asked to set SMART targets. These can be set by the student or the tutor; either option comes with its own advantages and disadvantages but generally it can be seen as yet another chore to be completed by both parties.

As I am rethinking all aspects of my teaching, I wanted to shake up this target-setting task and make it more meaningful to me and my students.  So, to place their career goals into context, I created a You Are Here mind-map using GoConqr.

Click on the picture and then press the play button to follow the story, and then explore the videos and links (hard to spot, they are little attachments which link to further information).


After demonstrating, and then letting students browse and explore the mind-map, I asked them to create short-term targets and a 3-5 year career plan, first drafting notes and then using this SMART Targets template I had printed out on high quality paper, or at least that is what I implied.

The results were amazing; authentic, insightful and meaningful target setting by students which gives me a real insight into their goals.  I now feel more able to direct them to better learning and work experience opportunities. For example, one student has a strong desire to work in the National Health Service (NHS), so when talking about inventory control, rather than me talking about a generic Widget A and Widget B, I will discuss inventory control related to the real world situation of a hospital: why is it important?; what would it mean if there were fewer syringes or medications than there should be? how often should inventory be checked? This would make it much more meaningful,  not just for that particular student, but for all students.

GoConqr is a super easy app to use.  I like to introduce it to students as a creative way for them to make notes They can choose to from mind-maps, flashcards, quizzes, or just plain notes, to suit their learning preferences

Thank you, once again, GoConqr!


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