Bloggers Block: a philosophical argument

The topic this week in #etmooc is “Connected Learning’. We have been asked to consider ideas around openness, privacy and vulnerability in our online interactions. In formulating my response to this question, I was prompted by a tweet earlier this week from Maria Popova @brainpicker  Michael Foucault was a French philosopher and contemporary of Jean-Paul… Continue reading Bloggers Block: a philosophical argument

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Coping with information overload v3

Inspired by Jeannine St Amand‘s post on Google+ about coping  with information overload  I have created a mindmap based on Harold Jarche’s model: ‘Seek, Make Sense, Share’: see video here which maps how I (intend to) collect and curate articles that interest me. This mindmap itself is  created using Gliffy, and is based on Allan Johnson’s Twitter… Continue reading Coping with information overload v3