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Blended learning – theory and practice

The second week of #flble1 continues apace.  It is clear now that the definition of blended learning used in this course includes “demonstrating the value of the mix of digital and conventional methods in class” as opposed to the definition used here by JISC of “integrating online with traditional face-to-face class activities in a planned, pedagogically valuable… Continue reading Blended learning – theory and practice

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Learning to walk in physical and digital worlds

The Mozilla Foundation asks “What are the skills, competencies and literacies necessary to read, write and participate in the Web – now and in the future?” This question has caused me to reflect on the steps I have taken to acquire new skills and competencies in other areas in my life. In particular, I remember… Continue reading Learning to walk in physical and digital worlds

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Coping with information overload v3

Inspired by Jeannine St Amand‘s post on Google+ about coping  with information overload  I have created a mindmap based on Harold Jarche’s model: ‘Seek, Make Sense, Share’: see video here which maps how I (intend to) collect and curate articles that interest me. This mindmap itself is  created using Gliffy, and is based on Allan Johnson’s Twitter… Continue reading Coping with information overload v3